Story of ICRC 2021

Since the active cases of COVID-19 in Japan were still increasing, the conference was held in an online meeting on April 25, 2021 (The international conference) and April 26, 2021 (A closed meeting between The University of Kitakyushu and its partner universities), using the Zoom Application. In the first day of the 2nd ICRC 2021, The total of 132 participants have come from 30 universities which include UPI, University of Malaya, State University of Malang, University of North Sumatra, ITB, University of Lampung, University of Pakuan, University of Diponegoro, University of Airlangga, University of Trisakti, IPB, Ndejje University, and many more. The organizing committee invited 5 keynote speakers: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali, M.A. (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia); Prof. Yu Chun Wang (Chung Yuan Christian University); Prof. Hiroyuki Miyake (The University of Kitakyushu); Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norlidah Alias (University of Malaya); and Dina Ibrahim (Mansoura University) who is divided into 2 plenary sessions. Each speaker was given 25 minutes for the talk and 15 minutes for discussion. Then, the parallel session was conducted using the breakout room facility provided by the Zoom Application. We made 8 rooms where each room consists of 9-10 presenters. The presenter and participant were allowed to enter any room they like. However, the presenter is intended to join the room 10 minutes before they give a talk. This conference again opens opportunities for collaboration between the University of Kitakyushu and all academics interested in researching environmental management, education, and technology. This “Collaboration Research Program” has been ongoing for 6 years. There have been plenty of scientific journals produced through the conference conducted, and more exciting research resulted from this conference. There were more than 80 high-quality manuscripts presented in the conference. These manuscripts consist of environmental management, health, technology, science, and education. All of the manuscripts are peer-reviewed to meet the quality of a scientific publication. We want to express our gratitude to the chairwoman of this conference, distinguished keynote speaker, reviewers, moderators of the parallel session, and all of the participants. We want to acknowledge the IOPP, envirobiotechjournals, and Journal of Environmental Science and Sustainable Development for publishing our conference proceedings. We hope that the readers could get some valuable information and knowledge from our proceedings. We apologize for all of the mistakes that found during the conference and also found in the published papers.

On Monday, April 26, 2021, The Dean of the University of Kitakyushu signed a virtual memorandum of understanding with 7 Universities in Indonesia. Several universities included in the research, education and community development collaboration network include the Bandung Institute of Technology, Airlangga University, Andalas University, Lampung University, State University of Malang, Pasundan University, and the University of Indonesian Education. Through the signing of the cooperation, it is hoped that inter-institutional synergy, mutual collaboration and inter-institutional mobility can increase in the future.